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Always in process

The process is often something nobody wants to talk about in creative agencies internally. Phrases of a “successful process” are often used in presentations slides, to give results a stamp of quality. In the case of a brand development process, this seems particularly contradictory, because the end of one branding process is usually the beginning of a new one.

The development of a brand is not a straight line running from A to B. It could rather be compared to an ant colony. A complex road system of corridors and junctions leading to and from each other in tangled ways. Each time a new tunnel is opened, every existing and every new decision has to be reevaluated. We as strategists and designers act as guides, architects and construction workers during these processes.

Today's modern society has very different expectations towards brands than before. We want them to act quickly, respond to individual wishes and be a partner in communication. All of this requires agile brand management that’s not afraid to start a process over and over again.

A brand is never the result—it’s always moving. Always in process.

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