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What we mean by agile brand management

Agility is one of the marketing buzzwords of recent years. The desire for more flexible ways of working became louder in the past, and the trend of agile working came around.

However, not every project is as agile as it should be just because it is divided into individual phases.

Agility is not characterized by the use of individual methods such as Scrum, Sprints or Kan-Ban Boards. Agility is a mindset where principles and values must be integrated into the fundamental work culture.

The last years of the pandemic were characterized by great uncertainties. Projects could rarely be planned with so little lead time. There was a permanent need to react to innovations, be it changes in the legal framework or new turnarounds in society. Customer needs were constantly changing. In no time was agile brand management as vital to survive - and it is still today.

What is agile brand management?

Instead of just talking about agile project management, we start one step ahead and apply the concept of agility to the strategic management of a brand.

We implement the agile mindset already in the vision and business goals. In this way, we significantly increase the brand's adaptability and speed of response, while at the same time being able to reduce complexity.

For this purpose, we have developed our own principles and guidelines for agile brand management:

Every brand is unique

With us, there are no rigid processes, no fixed teams or price lists. We work 100% result-oriented and give each project exactly the resources it needs.

Nothing is set

We question decisions even during implementation. New impulses and changes are always welcome. We overcome our bias.

We do not develop for customers, but with customers

A basic element of agile brand management is the strategic focus on maximizing customer value. We develop ideas participatory and involve the target group in the sense of co-creation.

Together is better

Trust and teamwork build the foundation. When we have the courage to change together, we can create great things.

We firmly believe that agile brand management is the future of management. That's why we not only manage our projects by this concept, but also our entire agency.

Through our agile management, we are more flexible, agile, and client-focused and we can provide each client with exactly the care they need.

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